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2014 Outer Banks Wedding Expo Weekend | Outer Banks, North Carolina

Last weekend was the annual 2014 Outer Banks Wedding Expo Weekend.  We were really excited to see many 2014 and 2015 brides and enjoyed talking to each and every one of them.  This year will be a very successful year for Glam & Lace and we cannot wait to get started!  I really enjoyed the two day expo and had some wonderful conversations with upcoming brides to be.  The expo can be a very overwhelming experience with close to 250 vendors who set up booths throughout both First Flight High School and Middle School, so trying not to jump at every bride who comes across your path is very hard to do.. You have to keep in mind that they are probably freaking out (so to say) and giving them time to process all of the information is key.  We were just so happy and surprised to see so many young ladies engaging in conversation.. they were just so happy to tell someone about their upcoming plans!

We decided to change up our style of our booth slightly this year. Keeping in mind some of the “hot” color combinations for 2014, we decided to go with a mint, pink/peach, and gold color palette.  From the hanging paillette garland, the “floating” centerpiece, to the motorized paper flowers (yes, my husband is a genius).. we really tried to think outside of the box this year!  This isn’t something that we try to do to “show people up”, but this is totally fun for us.  We are designers at heart and trying to stick out so you aren’t “lost in the crowd” is hard to do.  This year we were proud of our hard work and can’t wait until next year.  We are already planning (yes, I know we are crazy).








A huge thank you to all of the Outer Banks Wedding Association vendors who love and support our business.  We are so thankful to be in the company of some terrific and equally hard working people.  We owe you guys everything and will forever call you our friends.  Cheers to a happy 2014 wedding season to you all and Congratulations to all of you beautiful brides to be! We hope to be a part of your special day!

2014 Outer Banks Wedding Expo Weekend