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With engagement season quickly approaching, I have been wanting to put a post together for our new and current brides emphasizing  the 5 most common mistakes when planning an Outer Banks Wedding and what to do in order to prevent these from happening.   As a newly engaged couple,  and it being your first wedding planning experience- you may not know what to do in these instances.  If you have hired Glam & Lace as your full-service wedding planner, we take care of all of this for you and make sure that everything is covered for your big day!  Below is a list of the 5 most common mistakes made by brides planning an Outer Banks Wedding

1.) Wedding Insurance:  So you are getting married in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.. You know, that little strip of land surrounded by water on the coast.. Well, our little peninsula does experience a few storms a year (whether that be a hurricane or not) and those storms do tend to sometimes take place during wedding season.  In those instances, there may be mandatory evacuations and if that happens on your wedding day, it could be a problem for you if you have not purchased wedding insurance.  Think about it this way: do you purchase travel insurance if you are planning a trip to the Caribbean during hurricane season?

2.) Overwhelming details: I have seen this time and time again.  With us living in the “World of Pinterest” as I call it, no detail is left untouched.  Whether that goes for your home decor or your wedding.  This is an awesome tool, but some brides get a little carried away.. In return, they kill themselves and stress more over the little details.  Keep in mind that less is more.. and this could not be so true!  Will your guests remember the custom toilet paper that you had in the bathroom or the custom confetti that you sprinkled on the buffet table?  Maybe they would if those were the only details that were a part of your wedding, but sometimes the details get lost if you have too many.  Now don’t get me wrong, we love the details.. It is what us wedding planners live for, but even we have a cut off on how much we can take.

3.) Bad Weather Back-Up Plan:  I cannot stress this enough! You need to have a plan.. If not for yourself, please please please do it for your guests.  This is the Outer Banks and the weather is extremely unpredictable.  I get it, you planned to have a beach wedding and by God you will make it happen but I am serious, there is a huge possibility that some element of the weather will crush your dreams.. I have seen this happen many times and it is really unfortunate to not be prepared.  Glam & Lace Wedding Planners will make sure that your day is covered and you have a back up plan (even if you refuse). :)

4.) DIY Everything:  This really goes hand in hand with the overwhelming details.  I love when brides want to bring in their own craftiness and talent into the wedding details, but you will be a bit overwhelmed in doing so.  I say, leave it to the professionals to handle some things you are not prepared for.. Flowers are temperamental and need to be properly cared for by a professional florist. Do not DIY your flowers! Can I say it again, DO NOT DIY YOUR FLOWERS!  Believe me, you will not save money by DIY-ing things yourself and most of the time I see brides spending more money to fix problems that they had with their crafty projects.

5.) Skimping on vendors:  You only get one chance (hopefully) to make your wedding perfect.  Hire the professionals to aide in making it the best day ever.  Sure, you may save $2000 or more by hiring uncle Bob to photograph your wedding.. but I can tell you one thing, that may cause a lifetime of regrets.  I understand that everyone has a budget that they need to stick to but skimping just to save is not a good idea.  Keep in mind that there are vendors out there for every budget.  We make sure that we match you with the best!

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