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What do you value in hiring an experienced Outer Banks wedding planner?  I remember my experience a half a decade ago when DIY brides were few and far between and Pinterest wasn’t the craze.  I myself, planning a destination wedding 5 hours away, did not know where to start.  I remember thinking to myself, “I’ve got this, I am a natural born planner and I don’t need any help”.  Oh how I was terribly wrong.  I remember hiring a Day of wedding coordinator and I don’t know what I would have done without her.  The value of having that point of contact person to help the day flow the correct way was important and such a necessity.  The one thing I regret is not hiring her to plan my entire event from start to finish… not because I am in the business and that is what other wedding planners do.. but because of the distance of living out of town and the experience of having someone who has knowledge of the vendors personally and who really and truly will guide a bride in the right direction.  Well, ladies and gentleman… Let’s travel back down that road.. a little over 5 years ago when Rachel Moser decided to tie the knot by pulling off her very own destination wedding.

I remember the date, March 30th 2007 when Ryan asked me to marry him.  I was shocked and over the moon in love.. I just could not believe that I was going to be marrying the man of my dreams.  If you do not know, Ryan and I are high school sweethearts.. We met the spring of my Freshman year in high school (the year 2000) and have been inseparable ever since.. Anyways, back to the story… Ryan was still in college at the time, so we opted for a long engagement ( 2 years to be exact).  I started the wedding planning process right away. I was so excited and could not even help myself, so I toted around my very best friends and started going to wedding show after wedding show.  I did not have plans at first to have an Outer Banks wedding, so I actually had a whole completely different wedding planned.  My first thoughts were to have the huge Catholic wedding with the country club reception… but you see, our guest list just grew and grew and when we were at the 300+ guest mark and we knew that we had to come up with a whole different plan for this wedding.  At first, I was just so tired and couldn’t focus because of college and work.. so I had a heart to heart with Ryan and said “Why don’t we just elope?  We could go to an all inclusive resort somewhere in the Caribbean and just take our parents and siblings and call it a day.”  Ok, Ok.. I know that was a little bit of a rash decision in plans, but I just wanted everything to be easy.. I did’t want to stress.. and I didn’t want to make all of those dreaded plans.. I mean, I do this for a living.. Hello?!?!?! Can you brides relate?  I know a lot of you are still in college or you have demanding jobs.. I know personally the stress that you are under.. I went through the exact same thing! So I wanted a destination wedding but it was not an option to cut our guest list to bare bones.. Ryan and I (along with both of our families) vacationed in the Outer Banks every summer.  We love the Outer Banks! The decision to have our wedding here was a no brainer.  We could still have our destination beach wedding and invite our closest friends and family.. and we did just that.

Ryan and I decided to visit the Outer Banks in the fall of 2007.  We met with many different venues and it took two different trips to find that perfect fit and nail down those plans!  We attended the Outer Banks Wedding Expo brought to you by The Outer Banks Wedding Association and we met with countless vendors.  My most favorite vendor was my wedding coordinator who was a part of our wedding package.  Even though I didn’t have the option of hiring her as a Full Service planner, she was the person who kept me sane, who was there when I had questions, and who listened to my plans without being judgmental.  She was the backbone of my event and I really could not have pulled the wedding off without her.  She was the main reason why Ryan and I decided to move to the Outer Banks in the first place and after all of this time, I really just have to thank her for being so amazing!

So what is the purpose of this blog post.. Well mainly to give you a glimpse of my personal experience with planning our destination wedding.. Also, to let future brides know that we are here for you! We will be that backbone for your wedding, the shoulder to lean on, and the person who will help you with any sort of task that you can think of.  From personal experience, Glam and Lace understands the obstacles in planning a destination wedding.  We value our relationships with our brides and vendors.  We only work with the very best in the business and guarantee to guide you in the best direction for your wedding day. Glam and Lace only takes on a limited number of weddings a year so we can give you the very best service.  We are so excited for our 2015 brides and cannot wait to meet each and every one of you! If you are looking for a wedding planner or day of coordinator but you don’t know where to start, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to chit chat about your wedding!

Enjoy looking at some of the photos from our wedding below..

Ps. I can’t even handle that pink :)



Outer Banks Wedding Planner

Outer Banks Wedding Planner